Wait a second, hold on, slow down. Before you commit to selling For Sale By Owner - yes, I know the savings! - please think first about the job ahead. The gigantic job. And the amount of money at stake. And the potential liability associated with the sale... Consider my real estate firm Added Equity Real Estate. It charges a 2% total commission. It lists on Zillow - just like you will when you go FSBO - so it doesn't have to pay 3% to a buyer's agent. It's the ultimate "FSBO Plus" service. No? Still ready to put your back into it?

I can help you sell FSBO.

You can sell your house yourself.

It's no surprise, the internet has changed the way the real estate industry works. Home buyers today are active researchers who use online tools like Zillow, where sellers can list their homes For Sale By Owner - FSBO - without having to offer a big commission. Or, if you're willing to pay a buyer's agent, you can hire a low cost, flat fee broker to list on the MLS. Either way, pretty much everyone agrees...

You shouldn't do it by yourself.

A lawyer can really help. I have years of experience helping owners in the Seattle area sell their homes, both with and without a broker involved. I can help you dramatically reduce your transactions costs, without sacrificing the security you need.

My services:

  • Counsel on your disclosure and title obligations to identify and reduce potential post-closing liability.

  • Negotiate a purchase and sale agreement.

  • Coordinate with escrow and the title company.

  • Review your closing documents.

  • Answer your questions as they arise throughout the process.

My fees:

  • $500 due up front

  • If you receive an offer, then $1000 due at closing or six months, whichever comes first. Until you receive a written offer, no further fee is due.


I am really glad that I found you to help me with my home selling – I will recommend your firm in the future.
— Nicole

$500,000 house x 6% commission = You Save $30,000

There are lots of great resources on the web that can help you sell your home yourself - including my blog. By hiring an attorney, you'll get the legal services you need (someone to "handle the paperwork") for a fraction of the cost of a real estate broker. And frankly, an attorney is going to do a better job in providing those legal services.