Are you sure FSBO is for you? The work. The potential liability. All that money.... Consider instead my real estate firm Houses.Direct. It offers two levels of service, including Full Service, which is essentially the same as working with any other real estate agent. Without, of course, paying that outrageous 3% commission to the buyer's agent. It's the future of real estate. I'm all in.

No? Haven't been swayed? OK, get ready for some hard work.

I can help you sell FSBO.

But not, anymore, as a flat fee lawyer (although I am still happy to assist in some circumstances at my hourly rate). Honestly, I think Houses.Direct is the future of real estate and it is is now the focus of my professional efforts. Please contact me in my capacity as a real estate broker. 

If not me, at least work with a lawyer.

Being both a practicing attorney and a real estate broker, I have great insight on how transactions work. And for a long time, I've been convinced that nobody should try and sell their biggest financial asset - and potential for liability! - without professional assistance.

You shouldn't do it by yourself.

A lawyer can really help. See my list of attorneys I trust and respect to the right, who provide legal services to FSBO sellers. Needless to say, I have not received anything in exchange for these referrals.

Potential legal services you may receive - inquire & confirm:

  • Counsel you on disclosure and title obligations to identify and reduce potential post-closing liability.

  • Negotiate a purchase and sale agreement.

  • Coordinate with escrow and the title company.

  • Review your closing documents.

  • Answer your questions as they arise throughout the process.

FSBO Lawyers in Seattle:

Brandt Law Group

Michael Brandt has 25+ years of helping real estate clients. Contact him.


I am really glad that I found you to help me with my home selling – I will recommend your firm in the future.
— Nicole (describing Craig's FSBO legal services)