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Selling a house FSBO?

Buying without a real estate agent?

Having legal issues with Owning a home?

I can help.

I am a lawyer who helps people in real estate transactions and litigation. If you are in Seattle and think you might benefit from speaking with a real estate attorney, please give me a call. I'll help you get a better understanding of your legal situation and whether you should incur the high costs of an attorney.

 Seriously, I am always happy to chat - give a call!

Seriously, I am always happy to chat - give a call!

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I’ve been empowering real estate consumers and reducing their costs for more than a decade. If you’re willing to do some of the work, I offer a low cost - and in some ways superior - alternative to real estate brokers.
— Craig Blackmon

How Can I Assist You?

Selling a Home FSBO

I help For Sale By Owner sellers make more money and get maximum security. You don't need to hire a real estate broker to sell your home - but you shouldn't do it alone, either. I can assist.

Buying Without a Realtor

With listings widely available on the internet, you don't need a real estate agent to buy a home. Buyers leverage my legal services and save up to 3% on the price. It's a hard path, but I can assist. 

Homeowner Legal Issues

I have over a decade of experience in both real estate transactions and litigation. My clients get efficient and effective counsel on issues related to owning a home. If you have a legal issue, I can assist.

I would absolutely recommend Craig to anyone seeking legal assistance in real estate
— Barry L., Redmond

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 the generic "for sale" sign - customized with your info.

the generic "for sale" sign - customized with your info.