Successful real estate attorney.

After graduating from the University of Washington School of Law, I started practicing law in Seattle in 1999.  Initially I worked as a civil litigator in a large firm. In 2005, I started my own solo practice focused on residential real estate. I've continued that practice through today (with a few law partners who have come and gone along the way).

I have extensive experience with both transactions and litigation in real estate. On the transaction side, I've helped hundreds of people successfully buy or sell a home. I've also helped clients prevail in court. I've litigated several cases, from filing the initial complaint, through discovery, trial, and final entry of judgment. I've also successfully handled cases on appeal, including the reported case of Hanks v. Grace (in which I prevailed throughout). And of course I've helped lots of folks resolve real estate disputes short of formal litigation.

Experienced real estate broker.

In addition to being an attorney, since 2009 I have been a licensed real estate broker. Until 2015, I was a member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service and provided real estate brokerage services in the same manner as every other real estate broker. Since then, however, I've struck out on my own path.

Dynamic real estate innovator.

I am the founder and Managing Broker of Houses.Direct, a real estate firm bringing efficiency to the real estate industry. Houses.Direct is not a member of the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, so it doesn't have to offer a buyer's agent commission. Instead Houses.Direct uses "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) channels to market its listings directly to buyers. Sellers save tens of thousands of dollars.

Since 2005 I have been working for change in real estate. I am devoted to promoting the interests of consumers and reducing costs in the industry -- while carving out a market opportunity for myself in the process. I've blogged extensively over the years, and I maintains an active Twitter feed (@LawyerBroker).